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Monday 23 Jul 07 10:22 pm
[ mood | satisfied ]

Daaaaaamn. I just realized that i'm leaving for Washington in like a week or so. 
Weeeeird. But when i get back i have the house to myself for like a week. 
I have so much to do before i leave. sfsdkfsd
&& not to mention the 2 books, 6 essays && then! the ap homework. 
Why do i procrastinate so much?

25 days till my birthday.
Meaning 29 days till school.
Fuuuuck me.

This is probably gonna be my last post of the summer.
So lets recap!
Baaasically i've been at Jessica's house all summer.
As i said before. "I dont live here 24/7. Only 24/5."
But goooood times.
As much as all those boys annoy me i love them. 
It's more like a love-hate relationship.
Althouuuugh we may have to teach them the crossing line better so that they dont piss us off as much.

&&&&&&& you know what i just realized? 
I'll never be able to recap this summer.

So i really just hope that i can either remember it.
ORRRR Jessica will be cool & remember it. 
Even if shes stupid now. 

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Tuesday 30 Jan 07 9:30 pm
Can i please just say how good life is right now?
I have no idea why. It wasnt even good yesterday. But right now i have hope.

School is the gayest thing i've ever experienced.
Matanzas is full of stuck up girls who look down on you for no reason.
So i choose to roll with the booooys. Aha. 

& right now i choose not to like anyone. Which is actually working out for me.
I got some booooy tryin to get wit me over hur.

& other than that life is just okay. Buuuut in on February 8th my life will be maaade.
Sharing the house with my sister until the 18th. AHHH.
I'm so excited.

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Monday 25 Sep 06 10:43 pm
Dude. I havent updated in so long. It's insane.
I hate school.
Actually i dont hate it. MHS is just really boring. Ohhh well. At least im passing.

&& im confused about boys.
I think i like 2 boys. Aha.
Buuut nothing will ever happen with each.
One has a girlfriend & the other has a million girls flocking around him.
So it's pointless for now.

Other than that life's good.
I feel like im not all happy all the time anymore. Like i'm missing something.
I dunno.

Im done.
It was coooool updating in this thing again. =]
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Eek [
Monday 31 Jul 06 10:06 pm
[ mood | blah ]

Okay. I'm gonna be all cool like Jenai & make a post =]

School starts in a week. It's kinda exciting but kinda nervewracking at the same time. 
I'm going into high school without a real "best friend". I think that's the hardest thing that i'm going to have to handle. & i am handling it quite well. 

This summer was kinda blah for me. Everyones all "OHHH Summer 06" Yeah mine wasnt that great. BUUUUT i did have a lot of fun =]

I made a bunch of new friends, & lost some old ones. 

&&& i cant wait till school starts 

OH & i'm marrying Channing Tatum. Cause he's gorgeous. =]

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Thursday 04 May 06 9:54 pm

Yeah so they’re not going out anymore, they haven’t been going out for a while & they most likely will not go back out.

But that’s the least of my problems.

I really hate how my “friends” like to turn on me & not even care about my feelings. Honestly, I think I can only trust 1 person now with everything. I can trust people with some things but they’ve all got big mouths. Oh well. I’m over middle-school drama.

& there’s only like 18 more days, counting weekends, till school’s out. Coooool.

I’m excited.

If you wanna hang out tell me =]

Cause Summer ’06 is gonna be awesome.


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Saturday 25 Mar 06 12:45 am
[ mood | blah ]

They're going out.
It's alright though. I'll get over it.
Life's alright.
Went to the movies tonight. Had a BUNCH of fun =]
& saw a BUNCH of people too.
Got to see my Buddy Taylor Bitches. Ha
I like how we go into a restaurant & each get a drink & then decide to pay 1.54 each seperatly. Aha
I loved it =]
So i love my friends.
& I'm out.
Peace cuh ♥

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Thursday 16 Mar 06 7:51 pm
I hate how I like him, & how she likes him, & he probably likes her, how they’ve gone out already. & how he’s a total jerk.

So how’s life?
School’s almost out. Thank god.
Everyone’s all “Aww I don’t want it to be out.” Psh, not me. Summer can’t come any faster.
Hmm. Yeah.
So life’s been pretty boring actually.
That sucks.
Okay. So comment, anyone who still reads this.
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Monday 20 Feb 06 10:04 pm
[ mood | blank ]

Mmm so my weekend was pretty good.
On Friday went to the dance with Melissa & Ashley A. I saw tooons of people =]
I had fun. Saw Joey’s fro, dropped Rabby’s pizza. It’s all good =]
Then we went back to Melissa’s, spent the night there.
On Saturday went to the baseball fields at 9. Watched Melissa’s softball scrimmage. Went to the baseball fields & watched the boys for a while, met Cody’s dad. Ha. Got burnt like crazy on my face. Got a [as Mandy or was it Amanda? once said it] ‘farmer-mans tan’. Blah. Then went to Wendy’s. Then shopping. Got a jacket for 3.77 yeah I know you’re jealous =]
Went out to eat. Mhmmm those waiters. Melissa was of course drooling over them. Spent the night at Melissa’s again.
Then Sunday went home & Amber spent the night. Yeah, she’s my sunshine & I’m her star. Pssh jealous much? Aha.
Almost died today on the skateboard. Ha.
Just got back from Jessica’s. I got to paint. Yeah. I know. I’m cool.
I was just looking at my last entries. & I’ve been a very big drunk lately. Ha. Not really but okay =]
K cuh.
I’m out
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Sunday 05 Feb 06 10:36 pm
[ mood | tired ]

Mmm. So I dunno. Life’s kinda changing for me. School’s almost out. Thank God.
I want summer. I dunno why, cause I love winter.
But anyways.
Weekend was cool.
Walked home to Melissa’s with Kristine, Julia & Ariane. Then went to the movies. Saw “When a Stranger Calls”. Missed about an hour of it cause of the fat guy. Ahah. Shaun screamed at one point. No lie.
Then we went back to Kristine’s house. Got drunk. Zack & Aladdin came over at like 2:30. I don’t remember anything anymore. I did the morning after though but not now.
So went home. Called Jessica, listened to some drunken message I left her. Then went to bed for like 5 hours.
& that’s been my weekend. Aha
It was pretty boring other than Friday.
Oh well.
School tomorrow. Blah.
Alright comment.

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Sunday 29 Jan 06 4:07 am
[ mood | confused ]

Mmm life’s good. Can’t complain.

I’m not likin how no one ever updates anymore. Go & update just for me =]

But school is fine & dandy. Learning how to play the guitar. Melissa sucks at it, I’m better.


I’ve come to 3 conclusions:


Boys suck

Psycho stalkers are freaky

& Shopping makes everyone happy =]


I still like the same kid. But he’s a jerk. & I don’t like him. Ahah makes sense right? Oh well. I’m gonna try my best to get over him.

Mmm this girl keeps IMing me…& I dunno her. & I blame Alex cause it was him who gave her my s/n. Grr

Hmm…Went shopping today. Bought 5 jeans, 5 shirts & a purse. Yes, yes.


Talked to Kaellie Eileen today! Ahh I was so excited. She’s coming down in March. Whoop whoop! Can’t wait.

K so I’ve had my iPod since Christmas…& the sad part is I just put music on it aha.

Alright peeps I’m outta hurr

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Saturday 07 Jan 06 3:18 pm
[ mood | chipper ]

Mm so just got back from the basketball games. Hung out with Chelsea, Abby, Dee, Kendrick, Dana, Kelsey P, Seashell, Mike, Eric, Nick, Shaun, Rob, Matt, and Karysya. Dee & Derrick’s team lost, Dana & Mike’s team won, and surprisingly Eric, Shaun & Nick’s team won. Crazy.

So planning to go to Melissa’s later today. Hang out with her, Chelsea & Jesse. Should be fun =] I’m planning on going on that mighty fine trampoline that the church has =]

Ahah. So school’s been good. Had P.E. again, but switched out so now I’m in technology with Alex, Amber, Brandon J, Sibel, Kelsea M, & Tikki and Kelsey P are switching in too. Warren & I are best buds for life =]

Hmm…short update.

K well now I’m gonna go. So comment

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Monday 02 Jan 06 3:31 pm
[ mood | excited ]

2006 baby!

I have a good feeling that this year is gonna be great =]

It’s been very good so far.


Mmmm so this break has been pretty good.

Jessica’s house was pretty good, Brandin & I didn’t fight. Melissa & I had our traditional 3 day sleep over =]  and I never ended up hanging out with Mandy cause she never called.

Last night spent the night at Jessica’s. Had 2 bottles of Smirnoff cause Jon has to be a queer and drink the one Brandin & I were gonna share. Mmm.

So now I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go to Abby’s house & see her 2 new rotweiler puppies =] Then we’re gonna come back to my house & she’s gonna spend the night, just like old times.

Yaaay I’m excited =]

Leave some comments ♥

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Monday 26 Dec 05 4:00 pm
[ mood | tired ]

Sometimes I wish I could just be a little kid again, so when life gets tough you can just play pretend... I wanna go back to when Santa did exist... when your daddy was the only boy you ever kissed... When Disney world was the best place to be... When the only movies you could see were rated G... When your biggest problem was learning to write your name... And people didn’t change... And your friends were the same... And every time you were sad or you had a bad day you could just run to mommy and it would all be okay... I wanna go back to no hurt... And no pain... Just laughter... When everyone always lives happily ever after



So that’s very much true.


& I’m bored. So I decided to update again, cause that’s what a cool kid like me does =]

So my plans for this week are: Spending the night at Jessica Jessica’s Tuesday with maybe Brandin? We shall see how that turns out...last time it wasn't all that great. Brandin & I don't mix well unless we're being mean to Jessica =] Then Wednesday her & Melissa are gonna spend the night…then Thursday I think it’s just me & Melissa, then on Friday I’m chillin with Mandy…that’s right be jealous.

Hmm…comment peeps



Gangstas for life

Jackie, Katie, Amanda

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Sunday 25 Dec 05 9:33 pm
[ mood | loved ]

Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone had an amazing day & Santa brought you everything you wanted =]



So I got the iPod Nano that I wanted, I’m pretty darn excited about that.

& I got to see William and Shirae again today. I was even more excited about that. William’s as tall as me now, that’s crazy.


Well everyone I think you should get off the computer & go celebrate Christmas with your family =]


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Monday 19 Dec 05 3:42 pm
[ mood | chipper ]

Life’s grand

Wednesday hung out with Melissa & went to go see the boys play basketball. Fun, fun.

All this weekend was with Chelsea Nicole.

Friday: Went to the dance with Chelsea. It was pretty lame. But I got to see Blake, Mandy, & Joey =] Poured Sprite on Mandy’s head, cause come on, that’s what I always do when I’m with her.

Saturday: Spent the night at Chelsea’s. Went through old memories & saw how stupid we used to be. I’m glad we did all those stupid things so we can look back on it. Ahah “Jackie baby!” Tried to peel eggs…Good times, good times.

Sunday: Came home…talked to Jessica Jessica, hanging out with her this week I think? Talked to Melissa. We have a plan. Her brother who’s 22 today is gonna marry my 21 sister so we can somewhat be related? Aha it’s gonna work to. Just wait. =]

So Melissa & I were talking on the phone right? & it was late and we were tired but we didn’t wanna get off. Anyways, wake up at 6 in the morning with the phone beeping in my ear cause it was dead. So we both feel asleep on the phone until our phones died. That’s how cool we are.

So I like someone new, finally =]

Yesterday was Shaunie Poo's birthday. The big 1-5 =]

Christmas is almost here! Yaaaaay! Santa’s comin to town! =-]

I love winter, I just wish it was colder here.

So peeps I’m outta here.

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Friday 09 Dec 05 3:51 pm
[ mood | giddy ]

So Wednesday walked home with Melissa-Anne =]

It never rained so I couldn’t dance in the rain. Geesh. Anyways…got slapped in the face with a condom. I guess, I should maybe explain that. So Melissa & I were out on the patio eating Wendy’s {cause we’re cool like that} & we see Bri, Jamie & Jenna all walking. So we go on a walk with them. Then I kept hearing my name & noises coming from behind me so I kept turning around but no one was there. Then Justin & Douglas pop out of no where. So I start walking with boys while the girls walk in front & Douglas suddenly shows me a condom in his pocket. He throws it on Melissa then Justin slaps it across my face.

So anyways…Finished 1 book now only 1 more to read. Yeahyuh. Today I only got 1 chapter done in the book that’s not good. & I’m not talented enough to drink hot chocolate cause I burn my tongue =/

Damn…Melissa is being told to move in with her dad. In DAYTONA. My life’s not gonna be the same…I seriously hope her parents change their minds…

Anywho…dance tonight. & I doubt I’m going. But I don’t really wanna go…but then again I do? I dunno.

Comment ♥

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Tuesday 06 Dec 05 10:15 pm
[ mood | crazy ]

Voting was today…but just the homeroom classes. I dunno…it kinda makes me sick about how much people care about this. We all know that the popular kids will win & that half the friendships will suffer cause they’ll all fight about this. Oh well…we’ll see what’ll happen.

Tomorrow- half day, walking home with Melissa-Anne. Yeahyuh, be jealous. I want it to rain while we’re walking home so I can dance in the rain =] I’d be pretty happy if that happened.

I really dislike Math, but somehow Anna thought it would be funny if she nominate me for Most like to calculate.

Jenai’s bringing Livejournal back. About freaking time. I felt like a fagmuffin updating so much with no one looking at it. I’ve updated 2 days in a row…what now punks?

Shaun’s trying to get his bracelet back from me, I still have Jeffrey’s jacket, & Rabby’s still pretty much the coolest.

Yeahyuh…so homework time, since you know I still have to read 2 books before the 13th so I can start on the poster…eeeek.

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Monday 05 Dec 05 8:57 pm

This Update’s for Jenai cause I Looooove her =]


I’m really likin’ life right now =-]

Other than going into un-finished houses at 11 at night…

&& I sleep with 1 eye open?


Jenai’s response kinda got me thinking…

The beginning of the year was dull but awesome. When I used to have to walk Jenai to guitar class…& was realizing who would be my real friends and who would be the fakes.

But I realized that I wouldn’t go back. I like going to school every day & seeing what might happen.
It’s like an adventure that I never want to finish.


Science fair was today… Christina & I didn’t make it but we didn’t wanna anyways. Ha

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Wednesday 16 Nov 05 9:30 pm
[ mood | creative ]

Life is very good at the moment. I’m quite fond of it =]
I seriously love Melissa-Anne Wietzel. She’s my life. & I love how we both have missions for each other, except I’m almost done with mine =]
Yeahyuh, spent all last weekend with her, be jealous.
She has a Flower Power… =]
So I leave for Cali-Forn-IA in 3 days. I cannot freaking wait. I can’t wait to see my family, & friends. Urrr I want Saturday to come right now!
So, buddies I’m gonna go finish the project that’s due Friday…
♥ Jackie

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Monday 07 Nov 05 7:58 pm
[ mood | confused ]

Life's way confusing sometimes

Wouldn't it be kinda good if life was non-confusing. But I bet if it wasn't confusing there'd be no real excitement, no thinking.

Whoa confusing =]

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